I’m an ornery, Iowa born, gypsy girl who has traveled the world playing in and out of incredible traditional and non-traditional venues. One of my favorites… on the curb to the homeless at 4am in Shanghai, China.

Music, to me is the most incredible language. One in which everyone on Earth can comprehend. From Australia to Nepal; men, women and children are moved by the sounds of music.

I have been blessed with musical blood and it drives me to live. To seek truth. To feel sadness. To understand loss. To teach the unknown. To accept failure. To praise justice. To express. To trust. And most of all to love.

As a musician/writer, I have chosen my pen, my voice and my guitar as my lovers… along the way I continue to write my story and want to share them with you. This is what I do. This is who I am,  and I want you to all be a part of it with me.

Believe in yourself, for you are who you want to be.